Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bah Humbug. Whoops, wrong holiday.

It's Halloween, and I'm sure you have seen some of the spooky photos in mass email rotation, showing "spirits" or "ghosts" in the backgrounds of photos, etc.

Now, I have done some very crappy photography work in my time, where I thought the roll of film was NEW, when in fact, it was COMPLETELY FULL ALREADY (back in the days before digital), resulting in double-exposed photos.
Some, as exciting as Me Sitting At Picnic Table With Grandma, and ALSO Whitewater Rafting in Peru.

(I do not have this photo in digital format. You'll have to use your imaginations. And in your imaginations, I would like Grandma and I to be wearing fancy matching hats and eating chocolate cake; and then for me to be looking very fierce as I brave the rapids of the Colca River, paddle raised in the air.)

But back to the topical topic at hand. Halloween Spooky Photos Of Supposed Spirits/Ghosts. Friend Debs sent me an email with these photos, and I would like to explain each as I see fit.

1) The caption of this one said "This photograph, taken in 1916, is showing a figure likely being the soul of someone departing"

I think it's just that nice Sky Welder we've all heard so much about. You know. The one on which Jennifer Beals' character, in "Flashdance", was based.

2) This one, which I've seen before, was captioned:

"This is a scene from the film called 'Three men and a baby'. A boy behind the curtains appeared. They say that this boy was killed in the same room that the film was taking place."

I think this boy was originally hired as an extra, to play the paperboy, but he would continually break into distracting song and dance - hoping to be noticed, and tapped to play Ted Danson's son, at a later date, in "Getting Even With Dad" - so he was subsequently fired, and decided to lurk around the sets so that, at an even later date, he could watch the DVD with friends and say "SEE? I WAS in it."

(Ed. note: I may or may not do this with the movie "Lucas".)

3) This one said:

"A couple on vacation took a photo of their daughter.When the film was developed, a lady without legs appeared."

I can't comment on this one, as I am so distraught at the thought that if/when you DO cross over, they take away your legs, so you can't wear any of the SHOES you were thinking would magically appear in your version of Heaven.

Please give me a moment to compose myself.

4) This one is easy:

It's not a ghost or spirit, it's just Sasquatch. That should be obvious to everyone.

5) And finally:

You can see the woman, dressed in late 1800s garb, but if you look VERY closely, you will also see me eating chocolate cake with Grandma, and whitewater rafting in Peru.