Saturday, October 6, 2007

Costco Brain

I'm not sure why, but when I'm shopping at Costco, I feel as if everything is affordable. Everything. It's Costco! It's stuff in bulk! I walk in, through the monstrous warehouse entrance, look around and think "I can buy everything in here - EVERYTHING - it's all so cheap! It's stuff in bulk!"

Thankfully, I have not made the egregious error of adding a 55-inch plasma television set, Nordictrack, or 6-piece bedroom set to my cart, but it's not because my brain is thinking "that crap is well over the $100 limit you have set for yourself in this store". No. My Costco Brain is thinking "It's Costco! It's so cheap! It's stuff in bulk! I could buy it! But, man, that stuff would just be too heavy and cumbersome to get out to the car".

I really do try to limit myself to spending $100 per Costco excursion. And it is all supposed to be the things that are on my list. It should not be necessary to spend more than $100, as I am shopping for me, and only me.

"Only me" and her Costco Brain is, unfortunately strangely drawn to, and compelled to purchase, nearly everything in the warehouse. The most dangerous items are the "under $25" items, as they are So Cheap! Stuff in bulk!

This last time? "Only me" managed to remember the tampons, the laundry detergent, the caffeine-free Diet Coke, and the Pond's facial wipe thingies.

She is also now the proud owner of the Borghese 14-piece Professional Quality Cosmetic Brush Set, and the Physician's Formula Talc-Free Mineral Wear Mineral Make-up Kit (in "medium").

Did Only Me need more make-up? No, she did not. She doesn't even bother wearing make-up to work, so it may take her a full 6 years before she reaches the bottom of her Bobbi Brown blush disc. Did Only Me need 14 cosmetics brushes for that make-up that she almost never wears? No, she did not.

The universe taunted Only Me by totaling her purchases at $136.81, as if to reiterate that "No, missy, you did not need those cosmetic brushes and make-up kit".

Cosmetic Brush set - $21.79

Make-up Kit - $13.99

Total spent on unnecessaries - $35.78


- $35.78


Sooooo close. Only Me would have been SO on track if she just ignored her Costco Brain.

And she totally forgot the Ziploc baggies.