Thursday, October 11, 2007

In More Douchebag News...

Crap! I can't let this one go. After reading the story about the Little Match(.com) Girl and the Douchebag, I had to check out his website.

John Fitzgerald Page

Under his "Skills" section was a blurb, which I am certain (and to use percentages, 100% certain) that Pistols at Dawn (hilarious blog) will cherish. He just posted about this PRECISE anomaly.

"LOOKALIKES:Will Ferrell
Steven Seagal, Bruce Campbell, Ben Affleck
Matthew Perry (74%), Mathew Fox (70%), Kyle McLaughlin (70%), Jason Priestly (70%)
Patrick Swayze (68%), Simon LeBon (67%), Nick Lachey (66%), Ryan Phillippe (64%)
Jesse Metcalfe (64%), Tom Cruise (64%), Matt Damon (63%), Billy Zane (62%)
Hugh Grant (60%), Heath Ledger (58%), Luke Perry (57%), Val Kilmer (56%)
Lance Armstrong (53%), Paul Walker (52%), Fabio (48%)

(Percentages calculated by MyHeritage Face Recognition Software)"

If you have been bored enough to read my posts, all the way back to April, you will recall that I had done the MyHeritage "face recognition software" thing. Under no circumstances would I EVER refer to that as an accurate representation of resemblance.

To refresh everyone's memories:

After which I posted this.

Although, I must say, at the time I had done the "facial recognition" thing, I was all "Who is this Blake Lively chick?" - I had no idea who she was. And now she is the main character on UPN's "Gossip Girl" - SHAZAM!

I still look nothing like her.

Just like that guy looks nothing like Hugh Grant. Although, to his credit, he has done some modeling work for Chess King.