Sunday, October 7, 2007

Just Any Kind Of Sign Will Do

So our good friend, Kim, has moved to England to be with the love of her life, to whom she will be married in March. Kim partially attributes this union to the Wishing Chair at the top of Smith Tower. She wants her single friends (read: us) to sit in the chair, so that we may join her in Happy Coupledom. I'm pretty sure that is an actual place. I vaguely remember having been there, but it's been a long time, and I have no idea where it is now. My car doesn't have GPS.

I am nothing if not an obedient friend. Card called yesterday, while I was watching the Cubs game, and I said "HEY - let's go to Smith Tower and sit in that chair!" She started snickering, and I was like "no, really, let's go".

Card came over, and we got into my car (you know, the one without the GPS), and turned on the radio just in time to hear one of those annoying engagement ring store commercials.

It's a SIGN!

(Ed. note: Card pointed this out. I was concentrating intently on backing out of the very tight, cramped garage space, in order to avoid scraping the OTHER side of my car on the cement posts.)

While driving downtown, we passed a group of 6 or 7 groomsmen from a wedding party, walking toward Seattle's waterfront sculpture park.

It's a SIGN!

We parked in Pioneer Square, stopped at Starbucks, then walked a block to the Smith Tower 2nd Ave entrance, and as we were walking through the front doors, we saw a woman in a wedding dress, standing next to the elevators in the lobby.

Oh my God. It's totally a SIGN!

We entered the lobby, and were scanning the various elevator signs, and saw one that said "Chinese Room". I was actually looking for the sign that said "This way to the Observation Deck that has that Wishing Chair that you sit in if you're single and horribly bored with being single".

The bride had disappeared from the lobby, but there were a few people still standing there, and looked as if they may have been going to the wedding, who asked what we were looking for. Card and I said "Oh, you know... that floor... with the observation deck..." The people replied "Oh, there's a wedding up there today - sorry!" The lobby attendant shook his head and said "Yeah, sorry, because of the special event, the Observation Deck is closed today."

Have you seen the Steve Martin movie "The Man With Two Brains"?

In one scene, Martin's character is asking a portrait of his deceased wife to send him a sign if he shouldn't be dating this new woman (Kathleen Turner plays the woman, who is an absolute wretched harpy). He stands in front of the portrait, and says "if you could just send me some kind of sign". The house begins shaking violently, the lights flicker on and off, a tornado-like wind whips around the house, and the deceased wife's portrait spins 360 degrees at a dizzying speed.

Sometimes the signs are just that clear. M'kay?

Since we wouldn't be planning our weddings any time soon, Card and I had time to go shopping. We went to DSW, TJMaxx (we had plenty of time to hunt for bargains), took a 45 minute break for some dinner, then to Nordstrom Rack. Where I stumbled upon this:

Originally $218, marked down to $49.99, with an additional 75% off.

For $13.60, including tax? That is a SIGN!

Well, a sign, or a really awesome Halloween costume.