Monday, October 1, 2007

Kevin & Halo 3

WARNING: This post contains subject matter which has nothing to do with travel, fashion, reality television, or celebrities, and is nearly always ignored by me. Video games.

You know how it's totally annoying when one of your friends starts a blog, and doesn't tell you about it, and he then writes a blog post about how he pre-ordered that video game Halo 3, and had a special midnight delivery of the game, which was co-sponsored by Amazon and Microsoft, and delivered by Master Chief himself?

I know. That is totally annoying.

But, given that the story induced 5 solid minutes of doubled-over on the bar-stool, hyperventilating laughter, when Sally told you about it on Thursday, you're willing to forgive the oversight.

If you have the faintest idea who/what a "Master Chief" is, or if you've heard of Halo, check out Kevin's Dungeons & Dragons flashback evening.

He doesn't post any photos of his, or Master Chief's, shoes, but it is still pretty entertaining.