Wednesday, October 3, 2007

MORE Halo 3 - Seriously?

This could get funnier, but I really don't see how.

Did you guys know that, while Kevin was hosting his very own Halo 3 launch party, "High School Musical 2"'s jailbait prettything, Zac Efron, was doing the same in Los Angeles?

Now, hang on. Master Chief was at KEVIN'S house, in SEATTLE, that night.

How could he ALSO be in LOS ANGELES, with ZAC EFRON on the same night???

Come to think of it...I've never seen Zac and Kevin in the same place, at the same time...

Zac and girlfriend (who was recently exposed on the internet, in nude photos), Vanessa Hudgins, were spotted on a very romantical (it's a word) vacation...

Kevin and girlfriend (whose nude photos have not yet made it to the internet, but we're anxiously waiting with our "Save to Favorites" key), Tina were spotted on a very romantical (I SAID, it's a word) vacation...


Next up, Kevin & Tina in "High School Musical 3 - Super Halo Party".

In this scene, Kevin and Tina are ignoring each other, because Kevin totally took that summer job at the beach club, and plans to buy the new Halo 4 with his earnings, and Tina totally wanted Kevin to buy her tickets to the Cheetah Girls concert. Kevin can be so mean! Tina is also telling Suzie that Kevin tried to French kiss her earlier. Perv!

Kevin is pretending the obvious snub doesn't bother him, and he's just going to grab his satin jacket and sing a song about it in five...

Kevin & Tina - our new favorite Hollywood teens:

Do you think they're really dating?

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