Monday, October 29, 2007

Ode To Sitting Out Halloween

On the one day that I DID check email in Prague, I waded therough a slew of Halloween party updates, and I was all "Hannnhhh? Halloween? I'm on VACATION."

I opted to dismiss the pressure and stress of trying to come up with a costume, but am now reveling in photos from those who made the effort. Or had an idea about making some effort:

1) People I kind-of know - Kevyn & Stacy (and hope that they don't mind my borrowing the photo - it's just too good not to share) as the Dick in a Box guys:

2) Also people I kind-of know - Pistols at Dawn - who had the idea to go as Your Own Evil Twin:

That is not him.

Props go to the Hoff. But more props to Pistols, as the Evil Twin idea rocks.

3) People I do not know - Paris Hilton - who, unfortunately waited until the last minute to buy her costume, and ended up going as both Naughty Nautical and Naughty Alice-in-Wonderland.

If she had shown up in something Non-Naughty, I would be as surprised as if Mariah Carey was photographed in anything more covering than a dinner napkin.

Next year, I'm going as Mariah Carey's dinner napkin.