Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An Open Letter To All Media Outlets

Spoiler alert! You're totally spoiling this for me!

Please do not kill the "Sex & the City" movie for me. Please. Please. Prettyprettyplease.

If you continue offering ongoing, daily tidbits, complete with video and "Rumor Patrol" sound-bites (AccessExtraInsideEntertainmentSoup, I'm talking to YOUZ), you will completely destroy the anticipation. I have been turning the channel, muting the TV, averting my eyes as much as is humanly possible, but I keep seeing SATC Movie Snippets! STOPITNOW!

I want the crazy, batshit Pat Fields' wardrobe ensembles to be a surprise. I want the "will they or won't they get married" thing to be a surprise.

I want Charlotte's baby-from-China to be a surprise. And I haven't yet seen any news or footage of Smith Jared, and I want to be SURPRISED as to whether he's in it, or not. (If he's not in it, I will be both pissed and surprised.)

Now, let's kiss and make up. In two outfits that have already been spoiled for me, as I've seen them in countless photos and video coverage:

And you just go find whatever rest area bathroom is currently hosting Britney and her bare feet, and we'll call it even.

(Ed. note: apologies for posting the photos, as it incriminates me just as much as those I am whining about. But if they're already spoiled for me, they will also be spoiled for you. I'm the boss of the blog.)