Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Perfect Seatmate and His Jacket

On "Good Morning America" this morning, or "Today", or something else I was watching at the ungodly hour of Too Early To Be Up On A Day You Don't Have To Go To Work...

They asked the question "Who would you most want to be seated next to, on an international flight?"

And I thought "Hayaaayyy! I was just ON an international flight!"

Their answers were 1) Oprah, 2) Bill Gates, and 3) Someone else famous - I stopped paying attention, because I was thinking "I would want to be seated next to that same cute little old man I sat next to between DFW and Zurich!"

Honestly. I was so baffled by this man. He had the window seat, and I had the aisle (just a two seater arrangement). At various times throughout the flight, I would squirm around, or get up and lope to the loo, in between trying to nap (cannot sleep upright on overnight flights), or reading, or watching "A Fish Called Wanda" on the iPod.

My little seatmate guy did not get up ONCE between the time we boarded, and about one hour before we landed. Not once. I kept sneaking glances over at him, wondering if he was wearing Depends, or had some type of cathater hidden somewhere; which brings me to another anomaly.

He did not have ANY carry-on luggage. Nothing. About two hours into the flight, he buzzed the flight attendant to say that he did not have the in-flight magazine, and could the flight attendant find one for him. I was finished reading mine, so I just handed it over to him. He seemed so surprised, and pleased, and I was thinking "Hmm, maybe I should share my iPod with him?" but then thought that might be awkward, as there were some semi-racy scenes in "Wanda", and he seemed to be a very fragile, old man.

I still couldn't believe he didn't have any carry-on bags, but when we landed in Zurich, everyone got up from their seats, and opened the overhead compartments, and I was standing in the aisle, and asked him if he had anything and he said "Just my jacket", which was a very nice tweed blazer.

He also shared the middle armrest. Do you think Oprah or Bill Gates would have done that?