Saturday, October 13, 2007

This Exciting Life - My Parents

I was chatting with my Mom yesterday, on my drive home from work. She usually starts Sue's Senior Happy Hour around 4pm, so by 5:15pm, she is really only half-paying attention to whatever I'm saying.

I was babbling on about some nonsense, when she blurted out "OOOH! And I saw a common red pole!" So, with brow furrowed, I was envisioning a barber shop pole (???) that happened to be commonly red...while also shaking my cell phone, and readjusting the earpiece, "What did you say?", and she started giggling "A COMMON RED POLE, at least we think that's what it was..."

Using my always-razor-sharp powers of deductive reasoning: I knew she was in the backyard, and in the backyard, there is a birdfeeder. "OH, you're talking about BIRDS", and then I started giggling a little. That Mom, she's so cute. Then she mentioned the Ruby Breasted Nuthatch, and I was agreeing that yes, that was exciting to see those fantastic birds in the backyard.

Mom replied "It IS exciting. We lead an exciting life." And the way she said it sounded like she was kind of dejectedly rolling her eyes about it, you know - sitting in the backyard, lurking near the birdfeeder for hours on end - which made me start laughing really hard.

The kind of laughing where your eyes are watering, and you can't breathe properly, because you're wheezing and trying to explain to your Mom that you are NOT mocking the parents' lifestyle, while your Mom is protesting, saying "Hey! I LIKE our little life! You just wait until you're 60!" And this is just making me laugh even harder, and I'm trying to hold the phone and drive, and wipe the blurring tears away so I don't run over the guy riding his bike up the hill.

I was like "MOM STOP - I have to go - I can't see anything! Will you please email me with the name of that bird?!" (more hysterical laughter).

So here is her email:

"Just save this and look at it again in 30 years and maybe you will have more compassion for the simple pleasures that your Mom and Dad are enjoying!!

OK - as I said, it doesn't take much to get us excited. Ha, ha, ha.

When you were on the phone with your Dad, I was looking out at our bird feeders and thought I saw a Common Redpoll (photo attached).

But I now think that it was an Acorn Woodpecker (photo also attached).

(Ed. note: I am now laughing even harder, as these two birds look nothing alike.)

We keep the bird books next to the sliding door to the deck so that we can have them handy when we see a bird we would like to identify.
Ha, ha, ha

I installed a new feeder last week and put a "gourmet" mix of nuts and fruit in it. The next day ( I actually was leaving you a message at the time) I saw a Redbreasted Nuthatch (photo attached) at the feeder.

I was very excited.
Ha, ha, ha.

So, have a good laugh. Your time will come!!!
Ha, ha, ha
Love, Mom"

I am still laughing about this. Laughing, and wondering how long Sue's Senior Happy Hour typically lasts...

I truly find it very endearing and cute that my parents have a birdwatching hobby. And I love hearing about the things they are doing, with their exciting life.

For example: they recently went Apple Tasting, and my mom is now on a hunt for REAL apple cider, "You know, they won't sell it here in Oregon unless it's been PASTEURIZED? I mean, that just tastes like apple juice. The REAL stuff is so much better...especially when it's been fermenting for a few months, ha ha ha."

She also wants to make those fun sugar donuts, except she went to the butcher to get some lard, and they didn't have any. AND she's also going to make bratwurst.

My mom is celebrating Fall in a big way.

Unfermented apple cider + lard-cooked sugar donuts + bratwurst = possible heart attack.

Heart attacks are actually pretty exciting.