Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Givey Givey More

This has nothing to do with Britney. I just couldn't resist that title.

I am constantly on the lookout for hobbies that involve spending money I don't have. I am currently on a quest to try every ridiculously expensive chocolate bar being sold at your finer markets and grocery stores.

Last night I did a little taste test of the following three:

3400 Phinney in "Chai Tea"

And Endangered Species Chocolate, in Elephant flavor (or Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Brittle - I'm sure the tastes are similar)

The results of the taste test were inconclusive, as I loved all of them. I'm sure you're shocked.

But the Endangered Species one made me FEEL the best, as I was doing something positive for the ANIMALS. 10% of the proceeds are donated to help support species, habitat and humanity. It's all about the giving. Or...it's partly about the giving, while you're eating a magically delicious chocolate bar.

For whatever reason, giving, just for the sake of giving, doesn't provide the same satisfaction that giving, while also getting, does. I mean, for those of us who did not study under Mother Teresa, are a little bit selfish, and really enjoy a good chocolate bar.

This explains why organizations throw all the Galas, Extravaganzas, Auctions, Dinners, Puppet Shows, you name it. People seem more likely to give more, when they're getting at least a little something.

I have whined heard the following sentence more times than I can count:

"Why don't they just use all this money they're wasting on this extravagant Gala, and give it directly to the charity?"

Because, really, where's the fun in that?

"Hey, remember that time you donated $100 to the Humane Society?"

Erm...not really.

"Hey, remember that wine tasting event, for the Humane Society, where we got all dressed up and ended up spending $500 on that auction set of wine glasses?"

YES! I wore the red dress with my Jimmy Choos!

You get the idea.

I think that we should start making EVERY event offer some portion of the proceeds to charity. With all the outrageous parties and events that you read/hear about, it would be very satisfying to think "at least some of that is going to a good cause".

I tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to do this with my birthday this summer. I asked those, who would normally bring gifts, to instead visit the website Just Give, look up my registry (yep, just like a wedding, but with carefully selected charities in place of carefully selected china patterns), and donate to one of the charities. I'll bet it would have been more successful if the givers also getted (probably not a word).

Who doesn't love a charity dinner, when an entire table donates an outrageous sum of money, during the Sudden Death round of an auction? Everyone goes nuts, and all the cheers and clapping just encourage more crazy donating. This usually doesn't happen in the living room, while you're watching reruns of "The Golden Girls" a documentary on PBS, and tucking checks into envelopes. And it's just plain old not-as-much-fun. We likes to gets.

Just like I loved getting my $3 chocolate bar. Remember? 10% of that is donated to help support species, habitat and humanity (as the informative label tells me). And that makes me feel so much better about eating it.

Just don't ask my pants how they feel.