Thursday, November 1, 2007

Greetings, November

November is here, and that means several things:

Mine said "Take full advantage of Venus' charms by adding a beautiful new mirror, a new rug, or one new piece of furniture to one room."

Instead of "mirror", I will substitute "shoes".

And for "rug", I will substitute "party dress".

It's a good idea not to take these horoscopes too literally.

2) I am finally ready to acknowledge the Christmas preparation/anticipation - October 1 is too early for this. I'm talking to you, Costco.

3) Vigilance with the eating.

I heard, somewhere, that between now and New Year's, women gain an average of 7 pounds (and men, an average of 10).

7 extra pounds will not fit into the new party dress that my horoscope has advised I purchase. Putting the chocolate chip pumpkin bread down now.