Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holiday Shopping

How long is TOO long, to be waiting for Adam-the-very-nice-but-slightly-absent-minded-cashier at Williams-Sonoma to ring up your purchases, only then to realize (after you point it out) that he thought there was only ONE item, when there were actually two?

"Wow, I thought that seemed a little heavy to just be one..."

Um-hmmm. Yes, so please, now, take your time to ring up Item #2, in a completely separate transaction, which should have been rung up with Item #1, in the first transaction. You may certainly have my card again. I am really enjoying the standing, and the waiting, and the polite nodding, and the even-more-polite agreeing with you, that yes, that those items together did seem like one very heavy item.

45 minutes is too long.