Friday, November 2, 2007

I Am Fancy

And if you hadn't already guessed that, based on my shoe collection? I just paid $7 for a bar of chocolate.

So...I guess when I say "fancy", what I mean is "too lazy to pay attention to the price list in front of the chocolate bars".

It is Vosges (and I am beyond relieved that I am just writing this, rather than verbally relaying the story to you, as I have no idea how to correctly pronouce that. Voesjes? Or since it's French, are the "g", "e", and "s" all silent, and you just say "voes"? Do we need to have three silent letters at the end of a wordges?), anyway, it is a chocolate bar, with bacon in it.

And if you and I have similar hangover-styles, you will agree that this is a fantastic idea. Chocolate and bacon? Brilliant!

Although "brilliant" was not what I was thinking when Jerome, my checker, said "that'll be $14.53", and I was all "WHAAAA? FOURTEEN?" And I was thinking "um, okay, I got a bagel, a bottle of water, and two candy bars..." (by the way, the second candy bar was $3.60, and was something Italian called Cioccolato Fondente al Sale. FANCY, I tell you.)

I have a sneaking suspicion that grocery store checkers grow incredibly tired of hearing people sputter in astonishment when their final bill is totaled. But, surely, Jerome also found it to be outrageous that a 3 oz. candy bar was priced at $7. He didn't react that way, but I'm sure he was astonished, on the inside.

Inside, outside, whatever. The Chocolate & Bacon bar is delicious, and seems to be helping with the hangover. $7 well spent.