Monday, November 5, 2007

I LOVES My Girlfriends

Friend Kerry just started a business geared toward planning girlfriend getaways. You know: bachelorette parties, winery weekends, surf camp - fun stuff where the whole weekend is like a much less annoying version of "The View" (although I do like the addition of Whoopi & Sherri Shepherd).

So, I was a supportive co-captain of her booth at a trade show this weekend, where we had all kinds of ladies walking around, and signing up to be on the mailing list, and chit-chatting about traveling, and blah blah.

And over the course of these two days, there were at LEAST 4 women who looked at the display, and when we asked if they'd like more information about the company, they said "Oh, I really don't have any girlfriends."


Why don't you just tell me that Santa isn't real? Or that that bacon chocolate bar is high in fat and calories? (please don't tell me that. And OH, I just realized I have a few squares left in my desk!!!) Or something else that might upset me?

And the part that shocked me the most, was that they said it in a very matter-of-fact way, like "Oh it's a sunny day." "Oh I don't have any girlfriends".

I have a feeling that these are the same women who HAD girlfriends, right up until they got into a long-term relationship (or got married), and then dropped their girlfriends like they were carb-heavy desserts, and it was a week before the high school reunion. The same women who look upon us, with condescending pity, when we say we're not dating anyone.

I must admit my knee-jerk reaction to their "I don't have any girlfriends" was something very close to condescending pity. Mostly, because they obviously didn't see the value in having girlfriends. To one woman, I pointed out "Well, it can be family members too? Your mom? Sister?" And she launched into a story about how she no longer speaks to her mom or her sister, and is in legal disputes about something or other. Yikes. Sorry I asked.

Girlfriends should always be important - regardless of your dating/marital status.

I had the evil urge to tilt my head to one side, and pout mildly while saying "Ohhhh, well...that's okay! You'll meet someone! Give it some time! Have you tried the online thing? Friendster? Facebook?"

And then offer to introduce them to some other women I just met, who also don't have girlfriends. "You'll love them - you have so much in common!"