Thursday, November 15, 2007

In Search Of...

When you blog, it is helpful to know whether or not people are reading what you're cooking. Or something like that. Everyone knows I don't cook.

SiteMeter monitors visits to the blog, and gives you fun graph-charty things, and also tells you the locations the visits are coming from, as well as the whereabouts of Matt Lauer and that perpetually-elusive Waldo.

You can see who came to your blog via referral, and if it was a Google search you can click on the link and see what that particular individual was in search of.

You think you're stalking me? You're not stalking me. I'm stalking you. There is also a webcam feature, and I can see you right now. That's right. You, sitting there in your Cookie Monster footy pajamas, wearing your headgear, and calling yourself Thor-the-Magnificent. And these are some of the things you were looking for, and why Google thought my blog was somehow related to that:

"slutty vietnamese" - I am proud to say, my blog comes up first in that search. It is possible that I do not actually mean "proud"...

"different kinds of porn" (OH, must have been such a disappointment to the searchers - so sorry)

And endless searches for "Kim Kardashian plastic surgery"

I am just here to provide useful information for the masses. And you're welcome!