Friday, November 9, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

NBC was on their big environmental kick this week, and it was all about The Green. I'm sure they meant the environment, and not money (give the writers what they want).

The "12" refers to 12 tips to going Green.

I don't care how much it seemed like pandering marketing, I think that ANY kind of baby steps are good. If watching Biggest Loser contestants win a hybrid SUV encourages any regular SUV owner to trade up, fantastic.

Let me tell you How I Am Awesomely Green, in the vein of "I Can Has Cheezburger":

Flourescent lightbulbs - I has them
Thermostat between 11pm and 5pm - is off
Recycle - I does it (cans, paper, cardboard, laptop computer, you names it)
Brushing teeth - water is off
Reuse water bottles - I does it
Donate clothes - I does this too
Buy organic - always does

And then, sadly, there are the ways in which I am notsoawesomely whatever the opposite of green is. Purple? Brown?

Carpool - do not want! (needs to escape when needs)
Vegetarian Gretta - no exist
Turn lights off - NO! Not like dark!
Starbucks cups - new cups has a taste; it is good*

*I have no idea why, but the chai I get just doesn't taste as good in the reusable mug. Believe me, I've struggled with this, and it just tastes better in the cup. Especially the RED CUP!

Oh. Maybe RED is the opposite of Green.

Being Green does take some extra effort. But extra effort means you can reward yourself without feeling too self-indulgent.

Peel me a grape! A GREEN grape!
(and then make sure it's covered in chocolate)