Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lance Armstrong & Owen Wilson

Or "What everyone is freaking out about this week."

So these famous guys, in their late 30's, are hooking up with girls in their 20's.
We could do the whole "Lance became a professional triathlete around the same time Ashley learned to crawl" thing.

Or the whole "Jessica Simpson is a Cancer, and Owen Wilson is a Scorpio" thing.

Wait, that's just me having a crazy horoscope moment. But those two signs are TOTALLY one of the best astrological matches, according to many of my psychic friends, supposedly, and the more I think about it - they might be really good together. I'm just saying.

(The only reason I know this, is that I happen to be a Cancer, and pay very close attention to who I am supposed to be dating, according to the planets and star alignments. I am kind of kidding.)

Lance. Midlife crisis much?

He may as well just buy himself a nice red ferrari. So he can pick up 21-year olds...waiiiiiit just a minute...

As long as everyone is over 18, and single, this probably shouldn't be news.

Especially when there are other, far more troubling issues to worry about. Like the recent release of papers submitted to the courts by Britney Spears in May, stating that she spends $16,000 on clothes every month.

And yet still manages to end up looking like this:

$16,000 a month? For something that resembles a plastic Hello Kitty purse, and my grandpa's old flannel hat? Why has no one assembled a task force to intervene here?

$16,000 a month on her crazy bag-lady-couture clothes, and only $500 a month donated to her OWN charity, the Britney Spears Foundation.

And she is still not staying home and taking care of her kids.