Monday, November 5, 2007


I have had two people, in the past two days, admit to "lurking" on my blog.


I am totally down with lurking, as long as you're wearing pants. (Pistols, leave it alone. It's too easy.)

Since they're Lurkers, I won't call them to the podium, but I would like to point out that ONE of them lists "Everything is Illuminated" as one of her favorite books. SAMESIES!

And the OTHER one (as Britney sometimes refers to Jayden James) had a post on her blog that said this:

"With no toys in sight, they were rolling on the floor, with Greta's teeth so firmly clamped onto Guinness' ear that I feared a real injury would occur. After we separated them, Guinness sulked and Greta started to go after him again. I wasn't in the room when it started, but I have a feeling he tried to challenge her dominance."

I know she probably wasn't talking about ME (Gretta - two "T"s), as I have yet to date a guy named Guinness, but the lesson remains the same. You should never try to challenge her dominance.

Now, go about your business. Mrs. Gretta needs to watch her stories.