Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Marie Claire - Come ON!

Is this REALLY the January cover?


I love Marie Claire because it has all the fun fashion and beauty stuff, paired with some fairly profound articles about women's issues around the globe, and I'm normally pleased with whichever celebrity they choose for the cover.

Christina Aguilera is no exception. I think she yanked herself back from the Dirrrrrrrty Pit, and cleaned up fabulously, much to Britney's undoubted alarm and dismay. Ms. Aguilera has cultivated a wicked fashion sense since the days of the buttless chaps, and I've enjoyed seeing photos of her, at various events, in her sky-high Christian Louboutins and 40s-inspired dresses and hairstyles.

Why did Marie Claire take all her clothes away? Why?

It's like the photography studio was burglarized, and the thief's jacket caught on a stray nail, but he was in a furious crack-fueled hurricane of adrenaline and just said "screw it!" and left the jacket behind. So that is all Christina had to wear at the cover photo shoot.

That, and a pound of Mystic Tan spray. And there is not a hint of irony in any of the headlines:

"Sexy Winter Skin" (rustic tangerine is NOT a sexy skin-tone)

"Tanning, Bleaching, Botoxing: Are you obsessed?" (are you kidding?)

And right above the pregnant belly:

"I said no to sex: and got sexier"