Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday and Several Reality Checks

#1 - My mom has been reading the comments from the Thanksgiving post and is genuinely concerned that people believe the woman in the photo is her. She's so cute.

#2 - When working for a company that offers Antarctica travel, you occasionally have to deal with the fallout from this:

#3 - Whilst dealing with said fallout, along with normal Monday workload (read: HEAVY), it is inevitable that Travel Agent Imed will both call and email with what he thinks is an urgent and pressing issue.

#4 - Compared to a recently-sunk Antarctica ship, and the clients who are now apprehensive about their upcoming trips to Antarctica (aboard different ships) in December and January, a question about the cost of transfers for a February Costa Rica trip is not an urgent and pressing issue:

"I was quoted a total extra amount $866.00. which included transfer on 2/14/08 airport to hotel , 2nts at Marriott Hotel, half day Panama City tour etc, and then on 2/16 airport to pier, and then on 3/01/08 extra night at Hotel Melia Carliar ,Costa Rica and then 3/2/08 hotel-airport transfer and it includes our commission. So l am wondering if the additional $85.42 is the additional amount due on the trip insurance??"

#5 - Multiple question marks do not increase the likelihood of my answering your question quickly.