Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Most Shocking Bachelor Season Finale - Ever

And it was!

Who knew the producers would let him get away with choosing no one? They must have realized that the suspense of "which one will he choose" has kind of played itself out over the past eleven seasons. That's right. I said eleven.

What totally irks me is that there have only been like 3 "Bachelorette" shows, which were MUCH more fun to watch. The guys seemed to really enjoy competing for the Bachelorette, as opposed to the women who just cry a lot, and make painfully obvious declarations like "I do NOT like the idea of him dating other women!" Um...have you not seen the other 10 seasons of this? When you were filling out your application, were you thinking "Maybe THIS time, they'll do something different...like just have ONE woman dating the Bachelor...and that ONE woman will be ME!"

I was quite pleased with the outcome; aside from feeling very bad for both rejected women, who, I'm sorry, are 25 and 27 respectively, and are gorgeous and have PLENTY more dating to do. But I am now horribly curious as to what he is going to say to Deanna and Jenni, and feel compelled to watch tonight's "After The Final Rose" follow up show, and am far too busy to justify doing this.

Mom, can you please tape it and I'll watch it this weekend?