Friday, November 16, 2007

Move, Please, You're Blocking The Funny

Alternate Title: An Ode-i to Jodi

I have filed Jodi Brothers under "Things I Love". Jodi is one of the morning DJ hosts of 103.7 KMTT here in Seattle.

And I love her. Seriously. I used to listen to a different station, which I will not name, and they had this woman on the air whom I would file under "Chicks". I'm doing a lot of filing today - please note this on my timecard.

Coming from me, "Chick" is not a compliment. "Chicks" embody all of the unfortunate qualities, which are sometimes attributed to females (cattiness, unfriendliness toward other females, mis-directed insecurity, etc.)

If you hear me saying "Ugh, she is a TOTAL Chick", you are free to deduce that I am not fond of that person.

Jodi Brothers is the opposite of a Chick, and quite frankly I don't know what the exact opposite would be (we have confirmed that I am not good with opposites), but it's probably something good. Like a pony.

You know how sometimes, when listening to a morning radio show, you're like "Sheesh, I wish they would shut up and play some music"? On KMTT I wish they would never play music, and just let Jodi talk the whole time. She's hilarious and has the best laugh ever, and right now it is starting to sound like I have a total Girl-Crush on her, and that is okay.

Anyway, KMTT did a very funny segment on Thursday which focused on Jodi. I decided to indulge my inner-stalker and send her an email and tell her how funny I thought she was, and blah blah.

She actually responded to the email (which is awesome in and of itself), and said it was just what she had needed that morning, as she had "gotten killed" by other listeners. She wasn't specific, but I'm guessing it was some hyper-sensitive Seattle people voicing their offense at some of the comments she made (which, by the way, were totally unoffensive to normal people - she said that her "hero" was Janeane Garofolo, and that the one non-living thing she would save from her house, if it were on fire, would be her handbag. That is just funny. And practical.)

Jodi then went on to say that she has received some hate mail in the past, and one person actually wrote a letter and sent it, anonymously of course (coward), to the station, and it said something about how the sender felt sorry for Jodi's husband, as he had to live with her.

I'm sorry, but what is that? If there was one person I thought would be universally loved, it is Jodi Brothers. And if you don't think she's funny, you may want to see your physician about medicating your problem.

Overly sensitive people, who were not born with, or have misplaced, or have purposefully hidden their sense of humor, should just keep their negative opinions to themselves. Go focus on something you DO like. Like math homework, or Brussels sprouts, or doing your taxes. You can never have too much funny in this world, and I need to have complete and direct access to it, as often as possible.

Don't block the funny.