Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Simmons Family - Rare Gems

I love this show. It's Gene Simmons, eternal rock god of Kiss, who is this tough-on-the-surface, black leather-clad, but basically big teddy bear patriarch of a completely hilarious family.

The show uses this funny plinky-plonky "Dating Game" style music in the background, while Gene's girlfriend, of like 30 years or something, Shannon Tweed and her sister Tracy run around spending all of Gene's money.

Gene is the constant whipping-boy, and nearly all the jokes on the show are made at his expense. Shannon, and the couple's two awesome kids, Nick (who I do not have a totally inappropriate crush on) and Sophie, are very sharp and funny, and never fail to seize an opportunity to mock "Genie". This is not hard. The last episode I watched, he was talking about "some island in the Caribbean...the Turks and Schmeckles".

It reminds me a lot of my family. Without all the outrageous fame and fortune.

But Dad, it's never too late to start a band. I mean, look at the Eagles. They're around your age, and their latest release just beat Britney on the pop charts.

I am incredibly impressed with the Simmons family, as Gene and Shannon seem to be excellent parents, and their kids seem like surprisingly well-adjusted celebrity kids.

I would be a GREAT celebrity kid, Dad. And I'll help you shop for your leather jackets and metal studded boots. Especially the boots.

They match your new hip.