Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful For More Stuff

This whole blog-tagging business is both flattering, and daunting. In regular tag, you just run around trying to thwap anyone within reach. In blog-tagging you single out individuals and make them tell you their utterly mundane thoughts deepest, darkest secrets. This is flattering, because the Taggers are really saying "You simply do NOT talk about yourself enough - we must have MORE!", and daunting, to the Tagged, because it's kind of like a homework assignment.

I have been previously tagged by the lovelies Suzel & Lost in Wonder, and am now being tagged by Darling Gervy. I will admit I may or may not have actually done those previous homework assignments...due to overwhelmedness, or distractedness, or more likely laziness. It is fun to add "ness" to the end of words.

So, Gervy's tag has something to do with being Thankful, which, if she really read my blog (evil smile) she would remember we covered recently. However, I AM flattered that Gervy chose me to be the sole beneficiary of her chocolate collection, I must dutifully acquiesce. Ness.

I'm off to the Windy City this weekend, so I would like to regale you all with 7 Things I'm Thankful For In Chicago:

1) Marshall Field's (if you try to correct me and say "It's Macy's now" you will lose an extremity. One of the important ones.)


3) Portillo's Hot Dogs

4) Deep Dish Pizza

5) Michigan Avenue Shopping

6) The Upcoming Forecast for SNOW this weekend

7) The People. The friendly, straightforward, easygoing, hysterically-funny people. Loves them in Chicago!