Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Now is the time to Leave Britney Alone, and to remember what we're thankful for.

Sorry. I Googled "Thankful" and that photo came up first.

"Thankful" is also the title of one of Kelly Clarkson's albums, which appeared in the "images" search, but I preferred the Little Girl & Bluebird photo - it is so much more my personality.

SO, let's be THANKFUL, shall we?

I am THANKFUL for:
  • A clear, non-rainy night, when I decided to walk 20 minutes to the wrong bar to meet up with my friends. (and then 20 minutes home to get my car to drive to the right bar).
  • The margarita Hi Five bought me, when I finally arrived at the right bar.
  • No hangover. From the one margarita. Don't laugh - it has happened.
  • Free lunch today - courtesy of the boss (not The Boss, just the boss)
  • Clear, non-rainy weather for the upcoming Seattle-Portland drive (please please please)
  • Magic Thanksgiving turkey that somehow burns calories while being consumed (please please please?)
  • Dedicated blog readers who won't mind if I post a photo of a turkey, tomorrow, and call it "writing"