Friday, November 9, 2007

Tom Cruise Is An Actor

And yet I still just think of him as "Tom Cruise" in nearly everything I've seen him in. I just saw a trailer for "Valkyrie"

where it's Tom Cruise Wearing An Eye Patch And A Nazi Uniform, and yet conversing as if he were in the sequel to "Jerry Maguire". "Jerry Loses His Eye, But Shows Germany The Money" or something like that.

Seriously - is he supposed to be a Nazi soldier? Shouldn't he at least attempt a German accent, so that we can suspend our disbelief a little bit? The other actors all appear to be British, with obviously British accents. This is far too distracting to me to even care about what is happening in the movie.

I am fairly certain this is also the reason I never sat through "The Last Samurai", which really could have been a completely different "Jerry Maguire" sequel. "Help Me Help You, Japanese Warriors".