Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Got No Problem With Lady Issues

Pistols totally made me laugh really hard with his insightful boy-thoughts on the monthly woes of the fairer sex (that's right. us. we is fair).

He was all:
"I don't understand why women think we flee for the hills whenever PMS or any lady issues get brought up. Plus, it's not like we're listening to you most of the time anyway.That joke ought to go over well today..."

And so I was all:
"Fine, fine, you're both tough AND enlightened. Now go buy me some tampons."

And then HE was all:
"Again, why the problems with buying tampons? It means there's a woman in your house/that you're dating. It's kind of like buying condoms that way."

This reminded me of a care package I received from home, while teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. My dad had mailed it, and on the green customs form, taped to the front of the package, in his big block lettering it said:


I could just picture him at the post office (one of his favorite Saturday errands to run), with his fountain pen, poised in the air, eyebrows arched high with glee.

I died laughing when I got the package.

It's nice that he was able to cope with a largely testosterone-free household, having three daughters, and a menagerie of female pets.

Now he just sits in the corner with his knees pulled up to his chin. Rocking back and forth, and shuddering.