Monday, November 19, 2007

Why Her Pick On Tommy Cruise?

I know. I've been a bit harsh with Jerry McGuire lately. So, in the spirit of Holiday...Spirit? Whatever, here are things I like about Tom Cruise:

1) Risky Business -

It's suburban Chicago (holla), and high school, and hookers (?) and driving your dad's car into Lake Michigan.

Come to think of it, Lake Michigan would have been the best place for MY dad's car.

2) The Outsiders

He most definitely was NOT Jerry McGuire in this one, and much ado was made about his chipped tooth being real, and how un-self-conscious he was, etc.

And then he got braces in 2002, and there were rumors of liposuction, and ab-sculpting...


3) The movie where he played an elf or something

That was all magical fantasy stuff, with unicorns and gnomes, which was the polar opposite of:

4) Top Gun

But I liked Iceman best.

Until he made "At First Sight".

Why her pick on Val Kilmer?