Sunday, December 30, 2007

Animals That Hibernate







The TravelGretta is enjoying a successful hibernation, which includes an unplugged telephone, and an ignored email account, as well as her winter layer of flannel pajamas and Ugg boots slippers.

The TravelGretta's hibernation is slightly different from most, in that she is surprisingly productive in her den/cave during this time.

*Clothes from closet have been gathered and placed in bags to go to consignment shops and Goodwill.

*Bills have been carefully paid and stamped.

*Budget for 2008 has been figured.

*Garbage and recycling have been collected.

*"Thank you" notes have been written.

We were unable to locate a photo of the elusive hibernating TravelGretta, but are still on the lookout, and will follow this path, which we believe might lead us to her:

Just like breadcrumbs.