Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blocking Troy Aikman

Okay, I really wanted to use my lunch hour today to get caught up on my blog READING. I'm VERY BEHIND!

But I was reading Pistols' post about a Kirsten Dunst sighting, and wanted to one-up him.

This weekend we stayed here:

And they have two very small elevators. We were waiting in the lobby for one of these small elevators, and when it arrived, the doors opened, and I walked right into this:

For those unfamiliar, it was Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, and a bunch of other noteworthy things. Probably.

Mr. Aikman exited, we entered, and let the doors close, then turned to each other with that "OMIGOD" face, and I was like "He's going a little heavy on the Mystic Tan". (Ed. note: may or may not have been Mystic Tan. May have been real, but real tan in Chicago in December just looks odd.)