Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A break from Christmas...but we can fix it...

Okay, and I really mean it, because I must focus on the topic that is Joey Lawrence. And I was a little afraid that I might SAY "A break from Christmas", and post about Joey Lawrence, and then discover that he had a Christmas album...

But I checked with my good friend, Google, and it doesn't appear that he does. A shame, really.

So, to set the tone for the Joey Lawrence story, we call Friend Christine "Hi Five". Because she does. All the time.

"Hey! Awesome score on those half-price Stuart Weitzmans! Hi Five!"

"Woo hoo! You got a raise? Hi Five!"

"Did you see that parking spot I got? Right out front! Hi Five!"

Urban Dictionary's "word of the day" today is "Wi-Five"

It's a high five that doesn't involve actual contact, normally over a long distance where a real high-five isn't possible. Mix of "wireless" and "high-five", hence "wi-five", (wireless high-five).

I guess we're officially Gamer-nerds now. Or something. Do people still play Dungeons & Dragons?

Anyway - Christine was pretty excited about this, and got a little carried away in her email response, and wrote something about "Wo-fiving" all of us. So I wanted to know if it was "wo-five" or "wi-five", and that "wo-five" should maybe be reserved for when you're really stoked about something. Like when Blossom starts dating one of the kids from Kriss Kross, and you'll totally be allowed backstage at the show.

(for those of you who did not watch too much television in the early 90s, "Blossom" was a television show - Joey Lawrence played Blossom's dim-witted older brother - and Joey's main catchphrase was "WHOA!")

Christine emailed this:

If you look closely, you'll see that the title of this smash album (single?) is "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix".

I was so thrilled with this. I have SO much crap that needs fixin!

  • driver's side inside-door handle on my car is broken - I could probably take it to my mechanic, Carl, but Joey's love sounds slightly more reliable.
  • lightbulb broke off in socket - Martha Stewart says some nonsense about crushing a potato or an apple up there, and the remaining pieces will miraculously come out, but I think Joey's love might be a better solution.
  • TV remote control seems to have frizzled itself out - new batteries aren't helping - JOEY'S LOVE! COME ON OVER!

Tell me what you have that needs Joey's love, and we'll see what we can do about it.