Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post-Christmas. Blahhhhh.

I have been slacking on the posts. Partially because I was in the middle of a Christmas tornado, and partially because I have been checking the blog search-stats on SiteMeter, and a whole mess of people are being improperly directed to my blog, due to some Google image searchiness.

This is disappointing. Mostly for them. Because I KNOW that frustration, when you're in the Google search window, typing in something like "shoes that turn into chocolate at the end of the night", and a bunch of random stuff comes up. Under "images" it would be random images.

Google? What are you smoking?

I did that exact search:

shoes that turn into chocolate at the end of the night

And you know what image came up first?

A lemon tart.

How is this chocolate? It's not.

How is this shoes? It's not.

See? Disappointing.
Now, you might be saying to yourself "Well, stupid, maybe you should try re-wording your search". And I'd be all "shut up - you're not the boss of me", and you'd be all "well maybe I should be, and I'd pay you minimum wage until you de-stupidized yourself, and figured out a better Google search". And then I'd be all swearing at you, just in my head, and thinking how totally poetic it would be if YOU did a Google search for something, and that same lemon tart photo appeared.

And then I'd do an entirely new Google search for "chocolate shoes", and come up with this:

I feel much better now.