Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dear Producers of "Make Me A Supermodel"

Whose idea was this? Is Britney working at Bravo now?

I just watched the episode where the potential models were asked to discard one, or more, items of clothing that supposedly signified their "old" life.

Did the discarded items go into a bag, to be donated to charity, for the less-fortunate who need clothing?

No, they did not. Pfft, charity doesn't make for edgy reality television. How pedestrian of me.

The contestants were lured down to the riverbanks, to a trash can bonfire. I had to witness some very reluctant participants shoveling lovely, perfectly in-tact, and possibly expensive designer garments into a fire. And the more they dumped in the fire, the more positive and encouraging the response from host Tyson Beckford.

Not only is this probably environmentally wrong, but the irretrievable wastefulness of it was just incomprehensible. I know models are typically accused of being stupid, but this wasn't their idea.

Dress for Success, Goodwill, Salvation Army? These are organizations that could have benefited from the "supermodel challenge".

GAAAHHHH - I'm so completely disgusted by this that I would like to take this opportunity to exercise my seldom-used vocabulary:

abhorrent, repugnant, revolting, loathsome, repulsive, repellent, detestable

Now, I'm no Bravo producer, but I'm guessing these aren't words you would want associated with "Make Me A Supermodel". Please put a little more thought into what you're doing, so I don't have to bust out my wildly impressive vocabulary again. It hurts my head.