Monday, January 28, 2008

Fernando - Still Doing Seattle

Fernando and I were finally able to get to the park, on a sunny day, to take a Seattle cityscape photograph.

Fernando couldn't see, so I had to boost him up.

He was really enjoying the nice weather, and drinking a lot of coffee. But then one day, I came home to find Fernando in a deep depression, and he was wailing about how he missed WhiskeyMarie. He had managed to dig up a couple of old CDs that reminded him of Minnesota, and was playing them over and over and crying into his little scarf.

To perk him up a bit, I took him over to Kerry's condo, which has a fantastic view of Puget Sound. Well, a fantastic view if you can figure out how to take nighttime photos (Landis? Stacy? HALP!).

We then went to a bar, and I think after a few glasses of wine, Fernando felt better.

He's ready for his next adventure, which will be this weekend