Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Feel The Need. The Need For Scientology.

The assist for this goes to Kevin. Kevin was kind enough to send me an email with a link to Gawker, who is refusing to remove the Tom Cruise Scientology indoctrination video that has been circulating all over the web.

I'm not going to risk posting the video itself, as word on the street is that the Scientology lawyers are going bananas and removing the video from blogs right and left.

I'm not here to be edgy. I don't even wear black that often, and I actually really like the new Carrie Underwood CD.

So the subject line of Kevin's email read: Tom Cruise. Is nuts. And I think he was hoping for a little more of a solidarity-type response from me, than the one he actually got:

"Is it wrong that I just think he looks kind of hot in that video? I can't listen to all the stuff Maverick is saying - he just looks hot. How old is that footage?"

I mean, of COURSE Maverick is here to help/save everyone. He's in the NAVY. They are here to rehabilitate criminals, and unite cultures, and make sure no one's ego is writing a check that their body can't cash. It is their responsibility, and now is the time, and there are bogeys at twelve and three o'clock, and you're going to Top Gun.

And in the video interview, when Maverick starts using all those crazy acronyms that I don't recognize I just think "Oh, it's the military - they have their own language".

Kevin wants me to start using the phrase "I've canceled that in my area", but I think that should be reserved for
the handful of men who were the best fighter pilots in the world.

At ease.