Thursday, January 3, 2008

Performance Anxiety

And oh man, if THAT title isn't going to direct some questionable blog-traffic my way. I do it to myself, I know.

But I've been blog-tagged by one of my favorite pieces of cantankerous writing candy, Pistols, which means that the sharp, funny kids who read his blog are going to click over to mine, and see not much more than a blank, empty stare, wearing excellent shoes, and wiping away traces of ice cream.

I'm focusing more of my wrenergy (that's correct - she combined "writing" and "energy" to make "wrenergy") on a fabulously girly site: Holiday Golightly. You go look now. And sign up! I wrote everything on the site. EVERYTHING, I SAY! (Except for the 'Guys Perspective', for obvious reasons).

I'll wrenergize here this weekend. I promise. But I will not promise to stop combining words to create ridiculous pretend-words in order to avoid picking up a thesaurus.