Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fernando Does Austin - Part II

This post will be a bit more a la Landis. More photos, less talkie. My mom likes that. Seriously, if she is not reading/commenting on your blog, it's because there aren't enough pictures.

This is what the Driskill Hotel looks like at night. With the flash off, on my camera - honestly.

Fernando wanted to get room service. He is constantly eating.

We were extremely pleased with the accommodations.

And I loved the whole Old Texas/cowboy vibe.

Mom and I did not want room service, so we muzzled Fernando and went here:

Fernando was fine, once he realized he could have a flight of wine with his snacks.

This was my kind-of-artistic photo from my seat at the bar:

Fernando was bombed, so my mom had to hold him up for the group photo:

And then we weaved our way through the streets, back to the hotel for some sleepy-time.

More tomorrow. What! It was a big weekend!