Friday, February 8, 2008

Fernando Does Austin - Part III

Sunny and 70! Fernando thought a little minibus tour sounded like a good way for us to get our bearings on Saturday, since we weren't planning to rent a car. I will admit, I wasn't even trying to get a good photo here - I was still sleepy and had a little headache. But Fernando is sitting up on the seat, so he can nuzzle my mom's ear. I think he may still have been a little drunk from the night before. It was just the three of us, and our somewhat absent-minded, but very cheerful, fun tour guide/driver, Maggie.

The tour lasted 90 minutes, and drove us all over Austin, giving us a little historical background that I paid no attention to. It was just so sunny!

Then, after the tour, it was lunchtime. We tried to go to Sandra Bullock's restaurant, Bess Bistro, but it was closed. SANDY! WHERE'S THE LOVE! FERNANDO NEEDS A SANDWICH!

So we went to Lambert's instead:

I love love love Lambert's. The building reminds me of an old-timey, Western bank building (which actually might be what it is...), and the plank wooden floors had a saloon feel to them.

And the Frito pie had a my-ass-probably-doesn't-need-this feel to it...

Fernando seemed puzzled by this dish, and I tried to hide that it was pulled-pork Frito pie.

After lunch, it was shoppy time. Not to be confused with Hammer time. There were no giant pants purchased. But I did spend way too much on a dress/smock-type thing at a boutique on 2nd St. After which, we took Fernando to try on cowboy boots:

They didn't have his size.

We did a lot of walking, although not as much as I would have liked. Mom prefers to ride public transportation - "It's only a dollar!" - so we took the bus down to South Congress and wandered around down there for a bit.

To quote Samantha Baker from "Sixteen Candles": I loathe the bus.

For dinner, we did fancy-fancy French (which La Belette Rouge will appreciate) at Aquarelle:

Fernando blended right in with the scenery on the menu, although he was improperly dressed. It was too warm for the hat & scarf, so he was just naked. Whatever - the French are much more relaxed about nudity anyway.

Mom and I were not naked, but rather sassily coordinated: Mom in her sweater & skirt ensemble, and me in my new Spent-too-much-but-really-love-it BCBG thing.

Is it a dress? Is it a smock? Who can say?

This photo is kind of awkward (does my purse need to sit down?), but you get the idea.

A good time was had by all in Austin. Don't mess with Texas.

(please stay tuned for Fernando's next Extravaganza! Skiing in Park City, UT with Kerry, Terri & Ted).