Monday, February 18, 2008

Fernando - Not a Shredder

SKI TRIP! Fernando had never skied before, and wanted to try a half-day at Canyons, near Park City.

We couldn't find skis to fit him, though, so he stayed in my pocket the entire time.

We then drove to the Sundance resort, where we stayed at a gorgeous "mountain home", which - as we discovered later - had belonged to Robert Redford and his first wife, Lola.

Fernando stood outside the house - awed. His favorite movie was "The Pig Whisperer". I tried to explain to him that he may have been mistaken about that title, but he wouldn't hear it.

Once we settled in, he proceeded to get into the wine.

There was a lot of snow outside, and he offered to shovel the deck, but he was really just too drunk.

Our group then went to dinner at the lovely Tree Room, for Kerry's brother Ted's birthday. Fernando, was sidetracked by the Sundance wine selection.

He passed out during dinner, but then was, coincidentally, wide awake when the profiteroles were presented.

Fernando remembered his manners, and took this lovely group photo of Ted-the-birthday-boy, and all his ladies.

Our mountain lodge had some interesting inhabitants, and Fernando - ever the inquisitive traveler, made some new and exotic friends:

When we skied Sundance the next day, Fernando was determined to join us. But he took one look at the mountains and decided to just sit with some schnapps, until we finished.

Fernando was so taken with our gracious hostess, Terry...

...that there may be a trip to Boston in his future...