Friday, February 8, 2008

Musically Inspired

Whiskeymarie wrote a brilliant trip-down-memory-lane post, about adolescent rock concerts.

And how she went to see Huey Lewis and the News.

When one reads something like that, the reaction is typically:

1) Hyperventilating laughter

2) Re-reading, to confirm it was Whiskeymarie, and she really meant Huey Lewis

3) Taking your own trip down memory lane. When memory lane is the main thoroughfare to all the concerts you attended.

I have previously explained that I am not edgy. This is nothing new. I was not edgy in Junior High, nor in High School. And edgy is usually somewhat equated with coolness, although you know how I hate math, so I'm not going to even try to figure that out.

Anyway, I wanted to reiterate that I am not/and never have been edgy, because my first concert will make me seem like I was both edgy and cool. I was not.

My freshman year of high school, Tracy Ferguson and I went to see the Violent Femmes perform at Harper College in Palatine, IL.

I know! The Violent Femmes! I was so edgy & cool! To convince you that I was actually not edgy or cool, I will tell you that I wore black & white paisley jeans, that bore a startling resemblance to these curtains:

The paisley jeans were paired with one of those oversized blazers. A blazer. At a Violent Femmes show - at a college campus, no less. Everyone else was wearing ripped up jeans, and dirty black t-shirts, and I was dancing around in my pointy little white Mia flats. The 80s were cruel to so many of us.

My most memorable moment of shame came two years later, the day after my best friend and I went to see Pat Benatar at the Rosemont Horizon. The show itself was awesome, and my friend and I were the lone teens in a sea of 30-somethings in the balcony. The 30-somethings wanted to remain seated throughout the show, and we wanted to jump around and dance. Hit us with your best shots, 30-somethings! You're OLD!

I think the 30-somethings eventually shamed us into our seats. Hmph. Old people.

Anyway, I made the rookie mistake of wearing the evidence of the concert to school the next day.
Come ON! It was a Pat Benatar concert! On a Monday night! I was cool! Or I was at least temporarily cool until Rob Humphries, who actually was cool, took one look at me, then at my royal blue t-shirt:

and said "So. You see Pat Benatar last night?" with a smirk.
Whether it was mocking the "day after the concert" wearing of the shirt, or mocking Pat Benatar, I'm not sure. But there was definite mocking, and I thought "Crap. I should've worn the Violent Femmes shirt".