Sunday, March 30, 2008

British Bachelor

I've been really lax on the posting here - I'm busily scribbling over at Holiday Golightly, so blame them (us). But I just caught this and had to spread share the gossip.

Courtesy of TMZ:
If bachelor from "The Bachelor" Matt Grant marries one of the chicks from the show, it may have nothing to do with love. Turns out Matty boy -- a horny Brit -- recently met a cutie at a bar. Sadly, for him, it's someone who works for TMZ. He's been in touch with her on a pretty regular basis. A few days back, he told her he wanted to permanently move to the U.S. and his lawyer advised him, the best way to do it was to marry an American. Warning to skanks on the show who want to marry him -- he's gonna let you down (let you down), and leave you flat.


If there is one single person out there who is at all surprised by this...

I'm still going to watch the show.