Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fernando Does London

After a tearful farewell from his new betrothed, Fernando begrudgingly hopped back into my carry-on bag, and we were off to London.

London was outrageously expensive, as well as dizzyingly splendid. Fernando bought me this charming coat/dress/top/what-have-you:

and also paid for the room at the Soho Hotel. He said the IHoB corporate card offers MANY benefits.

I now want to move to London, and live in the Soho Hotel. Just like Eloise did at the Plaza. I have copied down the IHoB card #, so this is a viable possibility.

Although Fernando was incredibly generous and gracious, he was also a horribly tacky tourist. He made me photograph him in front of one of those red phone booths. I mean really. A phone booth? They have mobile phones in England, 'Nando.

And then Picadilly Circus, where he made the ever-hokey "This isn't a circus!" comment - loudly enough for passers-by to hear.

Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace? Check.

When he started barking "I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO GET OVER TO THE LEFT, HONEY!" I had to slap my hand over his snout.

Big Ben! Parliament!

And what would a Fernando outing be without a bevy of birds and a bottle of booze?

(l to r: TravelGretta, TravelSally, TravelCard, TravelAllison and TravelKerry - Fernando is face-down in the beer)

Travel changes everyone, and Fernando is no different. He is now even more open-minded, and tolerant, and has become quite the dandy-dresser. TravelCard made a gold kerchief for him, and he has yet to take it off. He says it makes him feel like the dog's bullocks. I have no idea what that means.

He is now on his way back to McGone, with a few souvenirs, and many fond memories. And, possibly a phony British accent.


I'll miss him so!