Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Reason To Love Alexander McQueen

On the day I purchased my Celebration Shoes, I also tried on some delicious high-end dresses.

Just because.

I found a gorgeous Alexander McQueen halter dress, in a soft butter yellow color. Totally flattering, totally awesome (totally still around $450, even at The Rack - totally did not buy it),but LOVE the McQueen.

The Los Angeles Times has given me one more reason to love McQueen:

It’s not often that a major European designer poised to open a West Coast flagship shudders at the mention of Paris Hilton... "If she comes past the shop, hopefully she’ll just keep walking,” McQueen said of the paparazzi princess. “I don’t really covet that sort of thing."

I am REALLY tempted to go back and buy that dress. You know, just to show solidarity and stuff.