Friday, May 30, 2008

The Big Day

And I need to be verrrrry careful about not reading anything online. No spoilers!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Open Letter to Anyone

Is anyone reading this?

If "no" - then pleass essplain why not. What? It is too available? It doesn't give you your "space"? It gives you ultimatums? What?

It's too serious? Too informative? Too focused on the election? What?

I be posting EVERY day. EVERY DAMNED DAY.

Set it as your home page.

Mark it as a "Favorite".

Tell everyone you know that bad things will happen to them if they don't visit the site once a day.

Holiday Golightly should make you happy.

I write, so that you are happy.

Something that might not make you happy?

That's right. If you don't pay little Holiday Golightly a visit, Paris Hilton will be cast in the remake of "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Do you want that on your conscience?

Dressing Appropo

Last night, on a pink carpet, "Sex & the City" had it's NYC premiere. Awesome.

Jennifer Hudson went as "Sex":

And that hair is fantastic.

Monday, May 19, 2008

An Open Letter To The "Bachelor/Bachelorette" Producers

Please, NO more "Bachelor" episodes. But, "The Bachelorette" should be on AT ALL TIMES! It has been way too long since the last one - was it Meredith? - and I have MISSED it!

Good for Deanna for getting another shot, and even better for those of us who get to watch. The boys are FAR more entertaining to watch, than a houseful of young, insecure, catty girls. The boys are seriously hilarious, and will mess with each other, but not in a nasty way.

Case in point:
Deanna was having "one on one" time with Virgin Pro-Football Player, and it was cold outside. Virgin Pro-Football player looked nice and toasty in his suit jacket, and Deanna was wearing a plunging halter gown (read: no sleeves). No fewer than 6 guys, inside the house looking out, were all "DUDE, give her your jacket! Can you believe he's not giving her his jacket?"

Actor Guy, who I have suspicions about, purely because of his profession, took the initiative to run outside, put his jacket around Deanna's shoulders, then run back inside - where the other guys pointed out that he totally threw Virgin Pro-Football Player under the bus. And he actually felt BAD about it.

The guys are AWESOME. They get competitive, but not in the same way the girls do. It's healthier. It's sportier. It's funnier.

ABC, are you listening?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Who Misses Fernando?

CLICK HERE to catch up on Fernando's latest escapades.

My mom will be thrilled to see he still has the little scarf she made him!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SJP - Go Girl, Go

I really shouldn't post angry. Well, okay, "angry" is too strong. I really shouldn't post fed-up. And after such a long hiatus! But I saw photos from the London premiere of "Sex & the City", and then had to read a slew of mind-numbingly stupid comments from people who were most likely wearing Crocs and a Bill Cosby sweater.

This is fan-fucking-tastic. I saw the hat and was all "PHILIP TREACY!" Anyone with any interest in fashion knows that Philip Treacy is MISTER milliner in London, and it makes perfect sense that our Miss Sarah Jessica would wear a Phillip Treacy hat to the London premiere of her movie. His hats are always outrageous, and no - they probably wouldn't go over very well at the 4H Club in Boobersville, Mississippi.

Ugh - see what I mean? Posting fed-up. I don't think Boobersville is even a real town. I'm just annoyed with the haters. And I SO LOVE that SJP would wear this awesome dress (Alexander McQueen by the way, and we know we love him) with that crazy fabulous hat.

Playing dress-up is fun.

"Dear Haters, Please quit sucking the fun out of Dress Up. Thanksverymuch, Me."

Now, go buy a Philip Treacy hat!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Calling Girl Bloggers!

Sorry boys, this one's for the laaaaaaydies:

Holiday Golightly is having a little bloggy contest, and you can win this:


Please pass the word on to anyone you think might be interested!