Monday, May 19, 2008

An Open Letter To The "Bachelor/Bachelorette" Producers

Please, NO more "Bachelor" episodes. But, "The Bachelorette" should be on AT ALL TIMES! It has been way too long since the last one - was it Meredith? - and I have MISSED it!

Good for Deanna for getting another shot, and even better for those of us who get to watch. The boys are FAR more entertaining to watch, than a houseful of young, insecure, catty girls. The boys are seriously hilarious, and will mess with each other, but not in a nasty way.

Case in point:
Deanna was having "one on one" time with Virgin Pro-Football Player, and it was cold outside. Virgin Pro-Football player looked nice and toasty in his suit jacket, and Deanna was wearing a plunging halter gown (read: no sleeves). No fewer than 6 guys, inside the house looking out, were all "DUDE, give her your jacket! Can you believe he's not giving her his jacket?"

Actor Guy, who I have suspicions about, purely because of his profession, took the initiative to run outside, put his jacket around Deanna's shoulders, then run back inside - where the other guys pointed out that he totally threw Virgin Pro-Football Player under the bus. And he actually felt BAD about it.

The guys are AWESOME. They get competitive, but not in the same way the girls do. It's healthier. It's sportier. It's funnier.

ABC, are you listening?