Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SJP - Go Girl, Go

I really shouldn't post angry. Well, okay, "angry" is too strong. I really shouldn't post fed-up. And after such a long hiatus! But I saw photos from the London premiere of "Sex & the City", and then had to read a slew of mind-numbingly stupid comments from people who were most likely wearing Crocs and a Bill Cosby sweater.

This is fan-fucking-tastic. I saw the hat and was all "PHILIP TREACY!" Anyone with any interest in fashion knows that Philip Treacy is MISTER milliner in London, and it makes perfect sense that our Miss Sarah Jessica would wear a Phillip Treacy hat to the London premiere of her movie. His hats are always outrageous, and no - they probably wouldn't go over very well at the 4H Club in Boobersville, Mississippi.

Ugh - see what I mean? Posting fed-up. I don't think Boobersville is even a real town. I'm just annoyed with the haters. And I SO LOVE that SJP would wear this awesome dress (Alexander McQueen by the way, and we know we love him) with that crazy fabulous hat.

Playing dress-up is fun.

"Dear Haters, Please quit sucking the fun out of Dress Up. Thanksverymuch, Me."

Now, go buy a Philip Treacy hat!