Sunday, June 1, 2008


Dang, is she still yammering on about the "Sex & the City" movie?

Yes, she is.

We had a giant dress-up To-Do yesterday, with champagne and heels and everything, and the movie does not disappoint. What also does not disappoint is the collective wardrobe. It got a bit silly when the girls were all wearing heels with their bathing suits, but whatever - it's fantasy and it's fun. And if I can sit around my living room in sweats and Ferragamo pumps, why can't the girls wear heels to sunbathe?

Carrie wears a certain belt with many outfits throughout the movie, and that belt just so happens to match these shoes:

Which I tried on at Nordstrom Rack last week, and DID NOT BUY (applause here, please). Did not buy them because even at the Rack they were still $399. Hallo? Originally $947. Good grief Charlie Brown.

I'll just vicariously shop with the Sex & the City girls.