Monday, July 7, 2008

It's My Birthday Week! Birthday Week!

Yep, when you get older, you need a full week to celebrate. And celebrate I IS!

Happy Birthday to me:

Happy Birthday to me:

Happy BIRTHDAY dear Gretta:

Happy Birthday to me:

Dang that girl is self-indulgent on her birthday. What is she doing to "give back"?!

I'm so glad you asked, and by the way all of the shoes were SUPER on sale. I mean REALLY marked down. And the hat was a gift.

*I just signed up for a monthly donation to the ASPCA. Damn that Sarah McLachlan and those unbearably gut-wrenching commercials!

*I will be lopping off 10 inches of hair on Wednesday to donate to Locks of Love (third time! It's a three-peat!)