Sunday, August 10, 2008

Messages From The Wise Universe

Parental Discretion Advised: this post not suitable for Mom and Dad. Seriously - you should both just skip this one.

Sometimes it's best not to be all smug and self-satisfied because you're taking a load of clothes to the consignment shop, and you're definitely going to make money, and not spend money, because your birthday month was July and now it's August, and there should be more saving/making and less spending, and that's what you're all about: the SAVING/MAKING, which is why you're taking the load of clothes to the consignment shop, and feeling pretty smug and self-satisfied.

Because if you're feeling all smug and self-satisfied, and you brag to your mom about how you have been REALLY good about not buying shoes lately, and you tell her how you're going to go take a load of clothes to the consignment shop, the Universe interprets this as an invitation to display a practically-new pair of Manolo Blahniks, MAYBE worn one time, in your size, on the table at the consignment shop, and mark them "$80".

The Universe then reminds you that fall is almost here, and you could use some good closed-toed pumps, and then points out that the tweed in these Manolo Blahniks includes nearly every color possible (although you can't tell from the photo), and you would be able to wear them with everything.

That's what happens when you're all smug and self-satisfied.